6 Ton Compression Tool with Changeable Heads


Series 7 6 Ton Compression Tool with Changeable Heads

S7 Technology monitors critical tool performance, provides audio/visual completed cycle verification and records cycle count, pressure output, time, date and GPS location data. The Series 7 PRO-LINE Tools battery platform is based on a powerful 18v/5.0 Ah battery that is compatible with all S7 cutting, compression and power tools. Built-in Bluetooth technology to easily monitor performance data. Integrated LED light for low light conditions.

The future of batter-powered hydraulic tools is here.


  • Optimized hydraulics offer 20% faster advance and 30% faster retraction speeds over previous models
  • Auto-retract feature allows user to enable or disable automatic cycle retraction
  • Brush-guard jaw protectors help prevent accidental contact with energized circuits
  • Pull-pin design provides quick change-over between cutting and compression jaws
  • Forged compression jaws for long life and reduced wear
  • Head rotates 180° for optimum maneuverability in tight work spaces




Tool Facts

Tool Breakdown

Application Type

  • Compression
  • Cutting

Product Type

  • Series 7 Compression Tools

Operation Type

  • Battery-Operated


Series 7