6 Ton Battery Powered Streamline Compression Tool with Changeable Head


The ECO-EZ Streamline compression tool has a powerful 6 ton output. When ordering, choose from any of the six available heads that meet your needs which will be installed at the factory. If multiple jaws are needed they can be replaced fairly simply by removing the snap ring on pin. The swivel head design allows the jaws to rotate to 180° for operator convenience.
No need for another battery system. This tool operates on the same 14.4 volt battery used in all of the Huskie ROBO
Tools. Just like the rest of our battery tools, energized lines will not effect the operation or performance of the tool.


  • 6 Optional Heads to Choose From
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Lightweight Ergonomic Design
  • Hotstick Tool Available
  • One Hand Operation
  • Tested Up To 75kV
  • Audible Bypass when Predetermined Pressure is Achieved
  • Rotational Head
  • Batteries Brush Protection Guard
  • Compatible with All Huskie 14.4V
  • Accepts All “W” & “X” Type Dies




ECO-EZ - Tool Manual

ECO-EZ - Tool Facts

Application Type

  • Compression

Product Type

  • Die Crimpers
  • Compression Tools

Operation Type

  • Battery-Operated



ECO-EZ - Tool Manual

ECO-EZ - Tool Facts