Product Types

Compression & Cutting - Series 7M

Series 7 Compression and Cutting tools that take advantage of the Makita battery platform.


COMPOSITLOCK™ Poles maintain insulating properties across pole sections for line-clearance tree work

Tree Care Tools

Tree care tools for homeowners and professional arborists

Fiber Blowing Machines

High performance fiber blowing machines for FTTX, Access Network and Backbone

Insulated Tools

Insulated hand tools for live line work at nominal voltages up to 1,000 Volts

huskie tools series 7 compression tools

Compression Tools

Battery Operated, Dieless, Including Hand & Remote Hydraulic Compression Tools.

Cutting Tools

Battery Operated, Including Hydraulic Handheld & Scissor-Type Cutting Tools.

Duct Rodders

Non-Conductive Buddy® Rodders For Long Distance Cable Runs

Glow Rods

Non-Conductive Fiberglass Fish Rods And Versatile Accessories Handle A Variety Of Wiring Jobs

Aerial Cable Placement

Sheaves, Stringing Blocks, Corner Blocks And Measuring Poles

Batteries & Chargers

Lithium-Ion Batteries & Charger for Battery Operated Compression & Cutting Tools, Pumps, and Benders.

Bending Tools

Battery Powered Cable & Ground Rod Benders.

Bucket and Boom Tool Holders

Keep Bucket Floor Clear With Safe, Convenient Bucket Truck Tool Storage

Compression Dies

Huskie Tools Compression Dies.

Fish Tapes

Fiberglass Rod Slides Over Existing Wires In Occupied Conduit, Especially At Bends


Huskie Tools Jaws for Compression and Cutting.


Expeditionary, Equipment, Portable, Wide Area, Hazardous Location And ID Displays

Material Handling

Two-Wheel Pole Dolly, Load Deck Dolly, Pole Mount Transformer Dolly & Universal Dolly


Foam Core And Hollow Fiberglass Poles For Line Construction And Tree Trimming

Tiiger Pole Puller

Pole Pullers

Hydraulic Utility Pole Puller and Metal Pole Pulling.

Huskie S7 Power Tools

Power Tools

Huskie Power Tools

Hydraulic Pumps

Single Acting & Double Acting Hydraulic, Battery Operated & Hand Pumps.

Splicing Tools

Scissors, Knives, Splicer Kits, Can Wrench And Strippers For Wire And Cable

Ground Rod Drivers

Ground Rod Drivers for Pole Installation

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