Line Clearance and Tree Trimming Tools from JAMESON.  The Original Fiberglass Pole – Proudly made in USA.

Jameson introduced the first fiberglass lay-up sticks in 1956 to meet the needs of telecommunication linemen.  Today, Jameson fiberglass poles are available in a variety of styles and configurations with high-performance cutting and pruning attachments and overhead cabling accessories to serve linemen, professional arborists, and landscapers.









Jameson has a Buddy® for you.  Trusted by telecommunication, electrical, and utility installers; you can count on the Buddy® line of fiberglass conduit rodders to help you get the job done.

Jameson became the first U.S. manufacturer of continuous fiberglass conduit rodders in 1980.  Today, we offer professional installers the most comprehensive line of fiberglass conduit rodders made in USA.

Buddy® rodders feature a high-strength non-conductive fiberglass core with exceptional pull-strengths up to 1,000 lbs. and lengths up to 1,500 feet.

From ultra-flexible 1/4” diameter Easy Buddy® for navigating tight turns, up to 1/2” diameter Mega Buddy® for longer runs without kinking; Jameson has you covered, wherever the job takes you!









Made in USA splicing scissors from JAMESON set the industry standard.

Approved with major telecommunication providers throughout the US, Jameson scissors are cryogenic tempered and precision ground for consistent quality and long-lasting performance working with copper wire and fiber optic cable.  The integrated blade notches and serrations provide for fast easy jacket removal, while the ergonomic Snip-Grip® handle increases cutting leverage and reduces hand and wrist fatigue.

JAMESON splicing scissors and skinning knives are available in a variety of installer kits and include your choice of leather or PVC belt pouches.









Expeditionary Shelter Lights from JAMESON provide extreme durability and performance for U.S. Military Forces around the world.

Of all JAMESON products proudly made in USA, Expeditionary Shelter Lights hold a special place with our employees and for good reason.  For over 20 years, Jameson lights have been fielded across a wide variety of missions in all branches of the U.S. Military and are an integral component of various shelter programs.

JAMESON stringable shelter lights feature low power consumption, blackout mode, and EMI shielding provides troop and equipment protection.  In addition, the lightweight yet durable design allows for rapid deployment in the harshest of conditions.













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